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Stay Cool for Summer with John Hancock Barbershop

The 2017-2018 school year is almost at its bittersweet end, and most families are planning summer vacations and graduation celebrations. In parts of the United States, temperatures are already reaching into the 90s, and folks are planning ways to stay cool while the temp is hot. What about the man who wants to both look cool and stay cool for summer adventures in 2018? We’ve got your tips right here for being the coolest cat on the block.

Keep That Body Cool

Don’t let blistering heat and smothering humidity keep you from enjoying your travels this summer. Staying cool can be easy if you keep a few simple tricks up your sleeve. A direct way to stay cool for summer is to keep your “redneck” down with a cooling bandana or ice wrap for your neck. Results vary based on style, but you can expect 2-5 hours of relief with these.

How about lowering your body temperature from the inside out? Try drinking a large slushie before heading out into the heat. It doesn’t work quite as you would imagine it to, by lowering your core body temperature. Instead, the phase change energy required to change a solid (ice) to a liquid (water) which will draw heat from your body and cool you off. Just be sure to wear plenty of antiperspirant.

Keep That Outlook Cool

Just because you’re on vacation or because it’s summertime doesn’t mean that stress simply disappears. In fact, some people find preparing for vacations and returning from vacations extremely stressful, especially when you’re traveling in close quarters with rambunctious kids or visiting relatives you secretly despise for several days. So, how do you keep an outlook that is cool?

One important way is to remember that you always have choices. No matter what the situation, there’s always a choice you can make that will help you feel happy. Some choices seem small but pack a big punch in terms of outlook. For example, if you’re stuck at a boring event and would rather be digging post holes in the Arctic, take a walk outside and look at the night sky. If you’re stuck in traffic, dig out your favorite Meatloaf album and sing at the top of your lungs. If Aunt Edna is regaling you with stories of when America was great, touch her lightly on the arm and say, “Aunt Edna, your stories are fascinating, but if you’ll excuse me, I have to visit the men’s room.” Then visit the men’s room for the rest of the night. The very act of making a choice breaks us out of feeling stuck. Practicing gratitude and slowing down are other effective small choices you can make. Small choices make for a big impact on your mental well-being.

Keep That Haircut Cool

Nothing says cool like a fade. No matter what fade you choose this summer, you’ll be the freshest looking guy on the block. You can choose a high fade with textured hair on top, mid fade with brushed-up hair, low fade with hard-part combover, a high fade with a spiked side part and many others. Of course, if you prefer to keep it long and cool, you can still rock the man bun in order to keep the hair off your neck and increase the breeze.

If you want to stay cool for summer, John Hancock Barbershop is the place to begin your summer odyssey. Don’t forget – you can book your appointment online! See you soon!