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Did you know that a man’s scent is the number one factor for women in choosing a potential partner? The natural scent of a man is impacted by many factors, so you need to understand what contributes to a scent your date will love or leave. If you want a happy end to your date night, the way you smell could make or break your evening. Follow these tips from John Hancock Barbershop to arouse the desire of your loved one and to smell sexy on date night.

Your Natural Scent

Men naturally have a musky odor that is created by the production of a steroid called androstenol, which is one of the by-products of the hormone testosterone. In research studies, women have been found to find androstenol very pleasant, if not downright irresistible. Exercise will increase the amount of androstenol you produce, and sweat will spread it across your skin. Just don’t shower it all off, especially with heavily scented body wash or scented soaps. Instead, shower less frequently with unscented soaps and use sandalwood essential oil to kill underarm bacteria instead of deodorant. Eating celery, truffles and parsnips will also increase your androstenol.

Should I Add a Fragrance?

You might consider adding a cologne that will mix well with your own natural smell. A perfect gift for your sweetheart would be to buy them a scent gift that you wear. Because 80% of men don’t wear any fragrance, you can assure them that you’re doing it for them and only them. Still, make sure that it’s a scent you would enjoy wearing. Take your love to a local department store or stand-alone fragrance shop with an extensive men’s fragrance section and have your lover try different scents on you. Be aware that the scent of the perfume, the essence of any cologne, will change throughout the course of the day. That is why you should give your choice some time. Try four different colognes in one outing. Use each wrist and the crook of each elbow as testing spots. Make a note on your cell phone of which colognes you are testing. Smell them after five minutes and make notes. Take a break. Drink some tea or coffee to refresh your palate (which affects your perception of the smell). Smell them again after shopping for an hour or after eating lunch. What do you think? What does your partner think? Make your choice based on your gut feelings and her suggestions.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

The smell of your shampoo and conditioner, your hair products, the fragrance in your laundry detergent or fabric softener, your shaving cream, your beard balm or oil and your deodorant can all impact the way you smell to your partner. What does your partner or date like best? You may need to experiment to find what works best for you. You may find that eliminating all fragrances except your own natural musk attracts your partner most. Or, you may find that you can use a clean-smelling shaving cream that your partner enjoys smelling while kissing, but you want to use your cologne for when your lover reaches the body. Know how to wear your cologne. It is important not to overdo it. Finally, make sure that you’re ready for the most intimate moments of the evening by cleaning your undercarriage with soap, water and a cloth. Water alone will not do. Otherwise, all your sexy smelling efforts will crash to the floor in one whiff.

Ready for the Big Night

Now that you know how to smell sexy for date night, make sure you look sexy too with a haircut, trim or shave from John Hancock Barbershop. We’ve got your back when it comes to date night. Call us at 928-541-1556 or book online.