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Caring for Your Winter Hair, Beard and Face

Winter can be tough on the skin, though hopefully not as tough on yours as on Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in “The Revenant.” DiCaprio grew his beard for six months to look like his character, and he also learned that it takes effort to maintain a beard in the winter. Find out here about caring for your winter hair, beard and face through the harsh winter months.

Beard and Hair Care Basics

Guess what? A beard is made of hair. No, really. So, don’t wash it with the same stuff you clean your armpits with. You wash hair with shampoo, including your beard. Do you need a special kind of shampoo to wash your beard? Not necessarily, though it’s recommended for beard and hair to use botanical shampoos without dyes, artificial fragrances or lanolin which can dry out your beard and skin. Look for the label, “non-comedogenic” which means the product won’t clog your pores. Wash your beard at least twice a week to keep it from getting dirty and oily. Dirt and oil can contribute to the development of acne underneath your beard, especially if you like to caress that bad boy.


If you don’t currently condition your hair after shampooing, you may want to consider it, but definitely don’t make that mistake with your beard. A beard can be unruly and wiry without conditioning, and your girlfriend doesn’t appreciate kissing a bristle brush, so make sure to soften it up with conditioner. What kind of conditioner? Same rules apply as with the shampoo. You can try the 2018 beard oil and conditioner recommendations of BaldingBeards.com.

Top Off Your Oil

Speaking of which, beard oil is one more basic for maintaining your beard through winter’s woes. Beard oil not only helps soften your beard and make it more manageable, it makes it smell awesome and will cut down on beard dandruff. Once your beard is oiled, tame it with a beard brush. You can get these with handles or without, and you can buy them with comb included, which is helpful when using a pair of professional trimming scissors to trim your beard.

The Skin Under the Crumb Duster

Now that your beard is cleaned, conditioned, oiled and brushed, how do you care for the skin under it? You’ll want to clean and exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Use a mild, non-comedogenic cleanser made with ingredients like your shampoo that won’t dry out your skin. You may wonder, how the heck do you exfoliate with hair all over your skin? Try using a facial cleansing brush to slough off dead skin cells and prepare your skin for shaving. Make sure to moisturize your face with lotion that contains a broad spectrum sunscreen in it, because your skin needs protection from UVA and UVB rays year round, no matter how dark.

Finally, some men’s skin is more sensitive than others. Shaving bumps or ingrown hairs can develop when your groom your beard. Do not pick at these as infection can occur. Remove ingrown hairs with tweezers after opening up the pores with a warm cloth. If you can’t easily pull the hair out, avoid scarring by seeing your dermatologist.

Love Your Beard at John Hancock Barbershop

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