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Winter is upon us once again, and there’s a couple months of deep freeze ahead. Staying not just comfortable, but safe, in the winter months means bundling up effectively. It’s not enough just to slap on a few shirts and a couple pairs of pants and call it a day. You need to take the right steps and engage the right strategies for layering clothes right to stay warm.

So what are the best practices for keeping warm, safe and dry this season? Check out these tips and tricks for proper layering of clothes in winter conditions to protect your extremities and main body from the ravages of cold and ice.


Layering of Clothes in Winter

The one thing we all want in winter is to stay warm, and when you’ve got to be outside, whether it’s for a skiing trip or because you’re waiting an hour for the bus, you want to be properly bundled up. Layering of clothes in winter properly requires some strategy and forethought, but if you do it right, you’ll be plenty cozy.


Base Layer – Thermal Underwear

Whether you buy wool or another kind of heat-trapping, moisture-wicking thermal material, thermal underwear is your essential base layer. It traps the heat inside and keeps you from sweating, which can freeze and lower your body temperature.


Mid Layer

Your middle layer needs to be breathable. Consider lightweight down or fleece. These are great materials that will both insulate you and offer great breathability. If you’re going for vigorous activities, down might overheat faster.


Outer Layer

Your outer shell should be both moisture-proof and windproof. It should help to seal the warmth in and keep the cold and wet out. It’s your first line of defense against the outer temperatures, and it protects you from elemental forces that can penetrate that mid-layer, like wind. In effect, it protects the other layers.


Combine Form with Function

Multiple layers should be easily removed. If you need to spend hours stripping off and putting on your outer layer, it’s going to be problematic when you’re kicking back in the chalet. You may want to consider some fashion if you’re going to be seen in public (or if you’re going to work), but overall you need to combine form with function. Stay comfortable, but make sure that mid layer looks good!


Know Your Body

The last thing you want to do as you engage in any outdoor activity, is to work up a sweat. Sweat may be your best friend in the summer, but in the winter it’s your worst enemy. The moment you start feeling hot, start removing layers. Keep yourself warm, but dry.


Protect Your Hair and Beard!

It’s true what they say—you lose most of your heat from your extremities. Protect your head and hands at all costs. Also, cover up that beard—the cold air can make it brittle and frizzy. Wrap up in a warm scarf, and be sure to keep it neatly trimmed!

For more advice on hair and beard care for the winter, or to schedule your next style, call on John Hancock Barbershop, your Prescott men’s hair specialist, today.