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Here it is—the holidays are directly upon us, and everyone’s scrambling to complete their shopping lists, find that perfect gift for their family, friends and loved ones, and get it all done in time. The worst is when you’re just not inspired, when you have no idea what to get that special someone. Explore our quick guide to gift giving for the holidays, so that no matter who it is, you’ve got the perfect gift lined up this holiday season.


Guide to Gift Giving for the Holidays

The trick is to a solid guide to gift giving for the holidays is to try to account for everyone. That’s a tall order, but with a little creative thinking, it’s definitely possible. Before we jump into specific people on your list, your first general step should be pretty basic. Check and see if they’ve got a wish list online somewhere.

Amazon is a great option for this—their wish list even allows people to add things from other sites. But there are many options available. If your friends and family don’t have online wish lists, encourage them to start one somewhere.


Get Mom an Experience

Have you ever noticed that mom always seems the toughest to buy for? It seems to you that she’s got everything already, and you end up buying her another shawl or coffee mug. Instead, why not give her an experience? Experiences are the hot gift this season. Buy her a day at the spa. Get her a mani-pedi treatment.

Something relaxing is always a great gift for mom, too. Stop at your (or her) favorite bath and body store and pick up a gift basket with lotions, body wash, and all the things she needs to feel luxurious and smell nice. If you’re not sure what to buy, the salespeople can surely help!


Forget the Tie for Dad

There’s a reason why the Christmas tie has become a cliché—and a reason why you shouldn’t buy one for Dad. Instead, focus on what he does and what he needs. Is he a handyman? Grab him a new toolkit or a gadget like a magnetic wrist band to hold screws and nails. A new tool belt can be a great option. If he’s an outdoorsman, try a fire starting kit, a powerful LED flashlight, 30-day lantern or a quality multitool. Is he a gadget guy? There’s a ton of options there, from fan-cooled laptop desks to EMF-defending pads for the laptop.


Kids and Teens

Kids and teens are prime targets for the wish list search. Most of them will have a list somewhere. Otherwise, they’ve likely already got a laundry list of things. Ask them to make up a list for you, from least expensive to most. That’ll give you tons of options. If nothing else, gift cards are an outstanding gift. Never shy away from them; kids and adults alike love to go shopping and a gift card allows them to get exactly what they want. They’ll love you for it.


Try a Haircut!

There’s nothing like a fresh shave and haircut to make a man feel like new. If you’re in the Prescott, AZ, region, and you’re not sure what to get Dad, Grampa or Uncle this holiday season, consider setting them up with the Royal Treatment from John Hancock!